The mission of The Arctic Arts Project is to share with the world an understanding of climate change and the solutions and adaptations we need to survive.

Inspiration, awe and fear drive the collaborators in the Arctic Arts Project. Seeing the consequences of human activity, we believe will inspire action. The pace of change is difficult to comprehend without visual literacy.

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Visual literacy is developed through the deep documentation of a place through imagery.                                                                 

The Arctic Arts Projects aspires to bring visual literacy of the Arctic and beyond through award-winning imagery and film.              We strive to bring an environment to life from the tiniest aspects in macro to aerial imagery.                                                                 In our thorough visual documentation, we can show the world what climate chaos looks like, as well as the story of change. Empathy for place and people is inherent in our work.                                                                                                                                

Our work is meant to bring the science to life, tell the story of change as it is happening and help people change their behavior to avoid deeper alteration of the planet's climate systems.

Seeing the consequences of human activity, we believe will inspire actionThere is loss in what is happening  in the Arctic.            We want to inspire people to cherish the ecosystems of the planet, including the Arctic. Our future will depend on it. climate change. With your help we can reduce climate pollution, improve efficiency, promote renewable energy and a

©Arctic Arts

We seek to educate and inspire, and to provide an understanding of the evolution of a warming world, through impactful imagery, backed by the most current science.