Polar Partner Program

How climate is relevant to us all

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Your customers expect you to know what is happening in the world and they expect you to take action !

Profit is no longer the only marker of success. Customers want to know they are helping build a better future for the planet through your company. We help you build more sustainable practices into your plans, giving customers the confidence that they are helping build a better world.

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The Polar Partner Program was created by  Dropzone  P r o d u c t i o n  and  The ARCTIC ARTS  to share with the world an understanding of climate change and the solutions and adaptations we need to survive. 

The Arctic Arts Project is partnering with select, global companies in the distribution of the Polar Partner Program. Polar Partners allows companies to create solid sustainability programming, with the backing of an accountable climate communications group.

Our Polar Partner Program provides imagery, film and editorial, based on current science, to further your marketing of sustainability programs. Our work, associated with your company, gives your customers peace of mind that they are contributing to a sustainable future, and helps them understand the importance of doing so. We provide the opportunity for you to become a company at the forefront of the new economy. Based in sustainability, equality and a better future, highlight your credentials through the Polar Partner Program.

Arctic Arts Scientific Collaborators

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                                    Global Corporate Partner Program 

We value corporate engagement highly and offer a  wide range of cause-related-marketing tools and benefits.

Please ask us about any association or support for your brand.


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